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Most people nowadays are getting involved in online gambling, this venture has groomed lots of millionaires. Online gambling games are new money making schemes for anyone interested in making an extra income. There are lots of sentiments and myths surr…

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Online Casino Games are in galore to select from. However, it is certainly tricky to select the most suitable one. Based on your needs select the game that suits you. It might seem confusing to pick the best one since an online casino provides innumera…

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How To Play Online Casino

It is not necessary that all the online casino gambling sites are offering free games to players. By the public impression land casino is so easy to handle. Because in the land casino payment processing system, advertising all are easily can be got.Gam…

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LONDON — Throughout July, bet365 is hosting an amazing blackjack competition to find the best Blackjack player on the net. For just £1 per hand players can join in the battle for a piece ofBet365 offers a month-long blackjack tournament.
Bet365 offers a month-long blackjack tournament. The £50,000 prize fund and the chance to be crowned the “bet365 Master of Blackjack”.

The blackjack competition starts on the 8th July and takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at the casino at bet365. There are three divisions, to suit all levels of play, and players earn points in their chosen division by having the best winning ratio in casinos online hall. There are also special bonus points for every winning hand of Blackjack a player hits.

There are eight daily rounds, each of which pays £3,000 in prize money. The results of each round will appear on the bet365 site the following day. The overall Masters of Blackjack leader board will also be updated after each round so players can keep track of their progress and their winnings.

According to Tom Galan is from bet365 “This really is a unique proposition. We’re offering casino blackjack players from around the world the opportunity to play against each other online to determine the best player out there. It’s fast becoming a great summer to play on the casino at bet365 as we continue to roll out exciting and innovative tournament play.”

Full details of the promotion can be found at: Masters of Blackjack.

__Skillful Blackjack play__ rewards the best players. Are you the best player out there? To enter the competition visit and join bet365 Casino and see if you can become the bet365 Master of Blackjack.

Whilst players gear up for a shot at becoming the Master of Blackjack, lucky player CY certainly mastered bet365’s __Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot__. Whilst waiting for a Euro 2008 match to begin, he decided to have a few spins on the big money slot. Soon enough, he became slightly less concerned about his soccer bet as he dropped the massive $1.41 million jackpot.

“I couldn’t believe it” said CY afterwards. “I stared at the screen for a minute and still couldn’t believe it. Then I gave it another spin to see if lightning can strike twice.”

News Sources:- ReadyBetGo

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